Children's Advocacy for the 2024 Session

January 24, 2024
Kentucky Capitol Annex

How to Advocate for KyUMH youth for this legislative session

KyUMH and 30+ other children's organizations are working together to ask our legislators to increase the Medicaid Behavioral Health rate for outpatient mental health services. This includes services such as family therapy, group therapy, drug and alcohol screenings, and individual therapy. The vast majority of people who access these services - which Kentucky is legally required to provide - use Medicaid as insurance. Kentucky's Medicaid rates are so low that service providers, such as KyUMH, are struggling to attract and retain staff to work in these programs, leading to long waiting lists for children who desperately need services.

Our request to the state legislature is to raise the Medicaid rates by 25% to help more youth have access to mental health services. You can find more detailed information on this handout.

How to schedule a meeting with your legislator

Find your legislators here.

Call or email their office and ask to schedule an appointment with them. You will likely speak to an aide. Meetings are typically between 15-20 minutes.

KyUMH will equip you with talking points to share with your legislator. It is important to share you are their constituent and your concerns for Kentucky children and families. KyUMH staff members are available to join you at your meetings if needed.

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