Children's Advocacy Week

February 1, 2021

SAVE THE DATE: Children’s Advocacy Week at the Capitol, February 1 - 5, 2021

Children’s Advocacy Day at the Capitol began in 2004 as an effort to unite advocates from across the state to raise their voices on behalf of children’s safety, health, education, and economic well-being. Typically hundreds of advocates from counties across Kentucky gather at the Capitol in Frankfort every year to rally on behalf of children and to promote priorities on the Blueprint for Kentucky’s Children agenda. The Blueprint for Kentucky’s Children is a coalition of committed agencies that are working together to make Kentucky a place with thriving communities, strong families, and successful kids. Stay tuned for the Blueprint for Kentucky’s Children 2021 agenda.

In anticipation of the need to reduce crowd sizes, and because one day is not enough for this important advocacy, we are shifting to Children's Advocacy Week to space out advocacy events. As we continue to monitor safety protocols during the COVID-19 pandemic, please sign up for updates on Children's Advocacy Week, which will be a combination of virtual and hopefully in-person events.

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